image of a hoodie on a black background and no visible face. A United Nations flag is where the face would be. Text below asks, Who's really behind the masks and hoodies?


  1. The answer, as we all know, is Satan; that old serpent. He has deceived a great many; and while we know this world will continue to descend further into chaos, anarchy, socialism, and the persecution of Christianity (with its destruction the goal), we also know that Satan is fighting a LOST war. He has already been defeated. Our job as true Christians is to grow in our faith so we withstand the coming trials and working to prevent his deception of a single soul. Let us be faithful sowers of the gospel message and grace of God.

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    1. All too frequently, Christians forget who the real culprit is. You my, my friend have hit the nail on the head and it should be shouted from the rooftops. We are not each other’s enemy, but the enemy is amongst us.

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