Hi! I’m Doug . . . thanks for stopping by! I write about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. I’m here to encourage you in your walk with Christ and to inspire you to share your Christian faith with others.

I’m just a simple guy who made a promise to God many years ago that if there was anything He could or would use me for, I’d go wherever He wanted me to go, do whatever He wanted me to do, and say whatever He wanted me to say.

And God said, “Ok.”

I spent the first half of my life in semi-rebellion against God.  Sometimes I tried to live for Him; more often I lived for me. At best, I was a lukewarm Christian. Little did I know just how dangerous that was.

Depressed and cooped up in a tiny apartment on a lonely afternoon twenty-one years ago, God reached down and broke me. 

Have you ever tried to pray to God and it felt like your prayers were just bouncing off the walls- that nothing was breaking through to Heaven? Scary, isn’t it?  I knew I had to make a real change.  That was my moment.  How many more chances would I get?

Within a few short weeks, God took me from utter brokenness and surrounded me with honest-to-goodness, great Christian friends, a few mentors, and a whole lot of grace, mercy, pruning, and rejuvenating.

That promise I mentioned earlier? Well, God has given me a passion to proclaim the application of His truths to our generation. He paved the way for me to attend a biblically-sound seminary and gave me three years of on-the-job training as a flock supervisor for a large poultry company (the Good Shepherd made me a “chicken shepherd”).

Now I now teach ethics, Old Testament, and New Testament at a small college. Occasionally you may come across my writings about cultural issues on websites such as WND, The American View, Rush Limbaugh, and Freedom Outpost.

You’re invited to join me live at 9:00 pm EST on #PJNET at pjnet.tv the first Monday of every month.

I’m an avid reader, so if you’re a blogger, drop me a line so I can check out your work.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
Your constructive comments are welcome here.

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